Blueberry Panettone


3 eggs
3/4 cup (160 gr.) butter
1/2 cup (100 ml) almond (or other) milk
1 tsp. salt
5 tbsp. coconut sugar
4 cups (460 gr.) type 00 flour (1/2 type 0 – a bread flour)
2 1/2 tsp. dry yeast
1/2  cup dried blueberries soaked in 1/2 cup wine


1. Place ingredients into the bread machine in the same order starting with the eggs up to yeast and excluding the dried blueberries. Select the program for sweet bread and let the machine run through two risings.  Stop the machine at that point.  Remove and punch down the dough on a floured board. Open up the dough and knead in the drained and floured blueberries gently to distribute them throughout.

2. At this point divide the dough into two pieces. Remove a small piece from each one for the two mini panettoni. Place the two larger pieces into a buttered 1/2 kg. paper panettone case and the two smaller ones each into the two prepared mini panettone cases. Place them on a baking pan and cover them with a sheet of parchment paper. Allow to rise almost to the top (about 1 hr.)

The risen panettoni

3. Score the tops of the panettoni with a cross using a small sharp knife or cutter (as I did). Place a small cube of butter on top of each.

Scored panettoni ready for the oven

4. Place them into a 190 C (375deg F) preheated oven with a small bowl of hot water on the bottom of the oven and bake them for 15 minutes. Then lower the temperature to 180deg C (350deg F) and continue baking for another 20-25 minutes or until golden. Remove from oven when done. The bottoms should sound hollow when tapped with knuckles.

Baked blueberry panettoni

5. Remove them to a cooling rack and cool them completely. If you wish you can pierce the larger ones with two wooden skewers and hang them upside-down as shown in the picture to insure the panettone doesn’t “lose height” although it isn’t necessary. When cooled (remove skewers if using) place them in tightly sealed plastic bags. They should keep 2 or 3 days.

Upside-down panettone cooling

Mini panettone decorated with berries and whipped cream