Cherry Pie

What else can you do with all those juicy red cherries that appear on the market in July but make a fresh cherry pie! It’s really very simple if you have a cherry pitter (the same gadget you use to pit olives too). This recipe has very few ingredients even less than for an apple pie. Cherries don’t need hardly any other ingredients to bring out their fresh flavor. Continue reading

Chia Lime Pie

This delicious pie sounds like Key Lime Pie and tastes much like it but the difference is that it’s a lot healthier with no sugar or lactose and it’s totally egg free. It’s sweetened with a little natural honey and the creaminess is provided by a fresh avocado and pure coconut milk. A sprinkle of chia seeds adds a little crunch and helps the filling to thicken. Lots of tangy lime juice gives it its characteristic taste. I made the crust with crushed amaretto cookies and ground pecans but you can choose whatever version you want: store bought or homemade. And on top of that it’s really easy to prepare – all the filling ingredients are whirled in the blender without any baking. Continue reading

Mini Holiday Pumpkin Pies

These little mini pumpkin pies are so easy to make especially the filling which is stovetop made – no baking in the oven! There’s a new twist in the flavor too with a refreshing touch of orange provided by the grated zest. The crust here is a special recipe for “frolla montata” a sweet Italian type of pastry especially used for “crostate” but equally good for cookies using a cookie press. To make it even easier you can use store bought pre-made crust shells.
Continue reading

Crostata di Segale Rustica alle Mele

La ricetta di questa crostata rustica di segale e mele che ho creato per il contest “Lo Pan Ner” – i Pani delle Alpi e’ perfetta per chi non ama il troppo dolce. La farina di segale dona un piacevole sapore di nocciolato ed una consistenza friabile che risalta la freschezza del ripieno delle mele. I ribes aggiungono un tocco di colore e pizzico di piacevole asprezza. Ho creato questa crostata per chi ama la semplicit√†’ di sapori naturali e genuini di una volta. ( Continue reading

Blueberry Peach Tart

Actually this blueberry peach tart is easier than pie – literally! I even used a pizza pan to bake it in since the fruit is spread out more and consequently the bottom of the crust stays crisper. The buckwheat crust lends a pleasantly nutty flavour and the juicy peaches and blueberries pair together perfectly. Other than less gluten in the crust the filling too uses practically no sugar – only a touch of maple syrup to bring out the natural sweetness of the fruit. Perfect with a dollop of whipped cream on top. Continue reading

Crunchy Millet Baskets

These little crunchy millet baskets can actually be filled with anything but here I chose a simple zucchini cheese filling topped with a crispy parmesan wafer. These wafers by the way can be made in seconds with just one easy ingredient: grated Parmesan! The baskets themselves can be made ahead of time and ready to be filled when you need them. Continue reading