Chicory Stir Fry Medley


3/4 lb. (250 gr.) asparagus chicory (puntarelle in Italy)
3/4 lb. (250 gr.) red endive (radicchio rosso in Italy)
2 cloves garlic halved
2 tbsp. dried cranberries
1-2 tbsp. slightly toasted pine nuts
salt and pepper
2-4 tbsp. olive oil


1. Wash and drain both vegetables.
2. Cut off the tougher end of the asparagus chicory and slice in half lengthwise. Then slice each half into thin strips always lengthwise. Do the same with the red endive but slice less thinly.
3. Saute’ the garlic pieces lightly in the hot oil. Add the prepared chicory and saute’ for 4 or 5 minutes.
4. Add the red endive and continue cooking gently until the endive is “wilted” about 5 more minutes. Cover and stir now and then being careful not to burn the vegetables.
5. Season with salt and pepper and stir in the cranberries and pine nuts. Cover until ready to serve.