Kiwi Yogurt Granola Cups

INGREDIENTS for two cups

2 small tubs (125 gr. each) plain yogurt
2 kiwis (sliced cutting each slice in 4)
4 tbsp. granola (or crushed cookies)
a few blackberries (or other berries such as raspberries, red currants)
a couple of mint sprigs if desired


Start by placing 1 tbsp granola in each cup. Then add about 1/3 of the yogurt from one tub. Top with kiwi chunks and repeat the layers in the same order. Finish with a layer of yogurt with a few pieces of kiwi. Top with a berry or two. Decorate with a mint sprig if desired. Repeat for the second cup. These can be prepared the day before and served for breakfast the next day.

Another serving suggestion with banana and red currants