Chocolate Molecular Mousse (only two ingredients)


4 oz. (120 gr.) dark chocolate (at least 70%)
4 oz. (120 gr.) water


1. Break up the chocolate into small pieces and place into a deep and narrowish bowl.
2. Bring the water almost to boiling (very hot) and pour over the chocolate. Mix continuously until chocolate is melted.
3. Mix in a pinch of salt if desired and/or vanilla extract.
4. Now place the bowl into a larger bowl full of ice-cubes and water.
5. Immediately start beating with a mixer until the mixture becomes thick. (about 3,4 min.). Don’t let it get too thick as it can
turn solid quite quickly. Remove the bowl immediately from the ice water bath.
6. Fill small mousse cups with the mixture and decorate if you wish with hazelnuts or leave plain. If you use 85% chocolate or more
you might want to beat in a couple of tablespoons of powdered sugar if it’s too bitter for your taste. Raspberries go very well
with this mousse.
TIP: You could substitute part of the water with some espresso coffee for a “moka” flavour.