Polenta Individuals With Gorgonzola

_20161003_141805INGREDIENTS FOR 4 to 5 SERVINGS

1/2 package (375 gr.) instant polenta
1 tbsp. butter
small package of gorgonzola cheese
rosemary, thyme or other herbs for decoration


1. Follow package directions for making polenta (adding 1 tsp. salt to water).
2. When cooked (about 8 minutes), stir in the butter.
3. Rinse out 4 or 5 ramekins or custard cups with cold water (leave wet).
4. Fill each ramekin halfway with polenta. Add a small cube of gorgonzola.
5. Top up with more polenta and slightly press down.
6. Immediately turn the ramekin upside down on the serving plate to dislodge.
7. Decorate by pressing a small cube of cheese into the top.
8. Add a small sprig of rosemary if desired. Serve hot.

TIP: Another good filling could be ragu’ instead of the cheese.