Stuffed Mackerel with Scallop Roe

(continued)…during the annual “Taste of Milan” in Milan this spring. I left out the artistic part which was probably the most intriguing – the Gyotaku technique which uses the cuttlefish ink that creates a print of the fish before cooking. The result- a delicious and impressive dish!

INGREDIENTS (for two persons)
2 medium mackerel, cleaned, deboned and opened (like a book) in two parts
2 large scallops with their roe attached, rinsed well and drained
1 egg white
rosemary, and/or or fennel fronds (finocchietto)
grated rind of one organic lemon and orange
salt, pepper
1/2 cup of regular or black dried breadcrumbs (from black “carbon” bread)
olive oil (not extra virgin which has a low burning point)

1. Season the opened mackerel (skin side down). Sprinkle with some of the citrus rind.
2. In the meantime prepare the stuffing: Blend the egg white with the scallop roe (membrane removed) with a pinch of the citrus rind and salt in a blender until smooth. Spread half of the mixture onto each mackerel half. Add a piece of fennel frond if using. Cover with the other half of the fish.
3. Carefully and lightly dredge the fish in the breadcrumbs.
4. Cover the frying pan with a thin layer of olive oil. When hot, carefully place each piece of fish with the two pieces of scallop in the pan and fry 2-3 minutes per side (not more). Add a bit of fresh rosemary if desired. Turn off heat and leave the fish in the pan for a minute.
5. With the extra roe mixture you can add a tbsp of breadcrumbs and fry a few little crepes to serve alongside (delicious!). There should be some left over.
6. Serve on a warm plate with a salad of your choice.