Apple Pear Miascia

This Apple Pear “Miascia”, a traditional cake from Como could be grouped together with other “frugal” cakes in
Italy such as the “Torta Paesana” of Brianza. These cakes both use day old bread soaked in milk but the “Miascia” has a lighter and fruitier twist in the use of apples and pears instead of cocoa – and walnuts are used here instead of pine nuts. Continue reading

Apple Quince Deep Dish Pie

This apple quince deep dish pie is actually easier than pie! With only the crust on top you avoid that disappointing soggy lower crust that is almost inevitable. Half the filling is provided by the quince which seems like a cross between an apple and a pear. The quince fruit shouldn’t be eaten raw and is used only in cooking and baking and has an interesting tangy flavor which makes this pie special. Continue reading

Sea Bream with Apples and Beets

This Sea Bream with apples and beets (Fragolino or Pagello in Italy) is baked “al cartoccio”, wrapped in parchment paper. This method seals in all the flavors and prevents drying out. And as a bonus there’s practically no clean up! The beets and apples create a delicious sauce surrounding this baked fish. Continue reading

Sweet and Savory Stuffed Apples

These sweet and savory stuffed apples are really a snap to make, delicious and healthy too. What other way can you turn a simple apple into a dessert or starter? I got the idea for this recipe from a Minneapolis Star Tribune food page. It featured Beth Dooley’s recipe ( which I slightly modified with an Italian twist. Continue reading

Mini-apples Tart

This delicious caramelized apple tart is dedicated to my home town of Minneapolis – of course an obvious play on words! Actually you need “mini apples” for this recipe (although larger ones can be sliced into more pieces). I’ve experimented with different types of crusts and this one really tastes scrumptious – not the usual bland kind. Continue reading