Nutty Chocolate Beet Cupcakes

You can’t beat these nutty chocolate beet cupcakes in healthiness with any other chocolate dessert that I can think of. You’re practically having your vegetable and dessert at the same time! And the rich chocolate flavor doesn’t reveal the “mystery” ingredient at all – the beets actually seem to enhance it making the cupcake moister without hardly any fat at all – only a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil and a minimum of natural coconut sugar. And the omega 3 rich nuts make a perfect topping. Continue reading

Millennium Pink Crusted Beet Bread

This millennium Pink Crusted Beet bread came out as a pleasant surprise. I added pureed beets thinking I would get a pink colored bread but it turned out the color migrated only to the crust. Since millennium pink (a mix of pink and beige) has become the new color craze I thought this name would be appropriate. The texture of the bread too was a surprise – tender and spongy and kept its moistness for a couple more days. Great for sandwiches. Continue reading

Sea Bream with Apples and Beets

This Sea Bream with apples and beets (Fragolino or Pagello in Italy) is baked “al cartoccio”, wrapped in parchment paper. This method seals in all the flavors and prevents drying out. And as a bonus there’s practically no clean up! The beets and apples create a delicious sauce surrounding this baked fish. Continue reading