Almond Honey Bread

This Almond Honey Bread is made with a special organic “Andina Flour” that contains wheat, spelt and quinoa flours. This combination plus honey and almond meal makes a perfect loaf with almost a brioche-like flavor and consistency. Here I used my bread machine although the same recipe could be used with the traditional method with two previous risings. Continue reading

Chocolate Wine Bread

This versatile chocolate wine bread has barely a hint of wine that complements the chocolate taste perfectly. In addition the chopped walnuts give this loaf a welcome crunch. These unusual flavours for a bread combine perfectly with the whole wheat and rye flours creating a loaf that goes wonderfully with cheese and also scrumptious toasted and spread with cherry or raspberry jam for breakfast. And all the work is done by your bread machine! Continue reading

Millennium Pink Crusted Beet Bread

This millennium Pink Crusted Beet bread came out as a pleasant surprise. I added pureed beets thinking I would get a pink colored bread but it turned out the color migrated only to the crust. Since millennium pink (a mix of pink and beige) has become the new color craze I thought this name would be appropriate. The texture of the bread too was a surprise – tender and spongy and kept its moistness for a couple more days. Great for sandwiches. Continue reading

Easy (no-knead, no-rise) Potato Bread

Several years ago while visiting the Reubens museum in Siegen, Germany I came across this delicious bread. You might wonder what has Reubens got to do with potato bread? Well, after seeing this amazing Baroque artist’s paintings we stopped at the museum’s coffee shop where they were serving other than the usual refreshments, buttered slices of this bread. Next to the serving dish were photocopies of the recipe! Later I had the recipe translated from German and here it is! If you make it, you’ll understand why people were asking for the recipe. Don’t forget the museum though, it’s really worth visiting. Continue reading