Magic Amaretti Cake

The “magic” in this one-bowl cake lies in the formation of three distinct layers: a chocolate, a cream and a crunchy top layer. It doesn’t require any icing – just a sprinkling of powdered sugar is enough but if you wish to make it more fancy as I did in the picture you can also add a strip of chocolate sugar paste around the edge of the cake – and maybe why not a simple chocolate rose on top. Continue reading

Honey Glazed Chocolate Krantz

This raised sweet dough coffee cake reveals its chocolate swirls as soon as you cut the first slice. The honey glaze highlights this krantz with its natural sweetness. Wonderful for any special occasion or holiday. To preserve the freshness of this loaf it could be a good idea to finally get rid of plastic and wrap it in “Bee’s Wrap” a natural wrapping made of bees wax infused cotton material. I love its delicate fragrance and it’s totally reusable. A small step in sustainability! Continue reading

Copycat Cake

This is a real copycat cake, even the cat put his stamp of approval on it! Actually this is an imitation of a cake from Vicenza which they call ” La Gata” (cat in dialect). The recipe is so secret that I couldn’t find it anywhere so I used the ingredients printed on the box where the cake came in and followed a quick video where they demonstrated the procedure. The cake came out slightly different in taste but delicious anyhow. I used the stencil that came with the original cake to decorate the top. Well worth a visit to this city – Vicenza is a city of art, Palladian architecture and also renown for its jewellery industry. Don’t miss the jewellery museum and of course don’t forget to pick up the cake! Continue reading

Touch of Mint Caprese

That touch of mint and pistachios in this recipe has turned the traditional caprese into something really special! Actually it turned out by accident in that I only had half the amount of almond flour but I did have some ground pistachios which I substituted. The same with the chocolate – half of which I had to add mint flavored. But the result was surprisingly better than I thought and now is my favorite! Continue reading

Healthy Cream Filled Brownie Valentines

These flourless and fat- free Healthy Cream Filled Brownie Valentines come from a Jamie Oliver inspired chocolate beetroot cake recipe. In my version I used steamed beets instead of fresh ones, substituted regular sugar with coconut sugar and I also added chopped walnuts. The batter was baked in a rectangular pan with a lower rim to make heart cutouts easier to form. Ultimately each heart was sandwiched together and topped with whipped cream and raspberries. Continue reading

Chocolate Wine Bread

This versatile chocolate wine bread has barely a hint of wine that complements the chocolate taste perfectly. In addition the chopped walnuts give this loaf a welcome crunch. These unusual flavours for a bread combine perfectly with the whole wheat and rye flours creating a loaf that goes wonderfully with cheese and also scrumptious toasted and spread with cherry or raspberry jam for breakfast. And all the work is done by your bread machine! Continue reading

Chocolate Mini Pavlovas

These chocolate pavlova shells are a little bit more elaborate than the plain meringue shells but aren’t much more difficult to make. You only mix in a tablespoon of sifted cocoa powder and fold in some chopped chocolate. The flavor is well worth it with the shells crispy on the outside and slightly chewy in the center. A really special dessert for those who love chocolate. Continue reading