Dessert di Pane di Segale e Loganberry

Questo dessert di pane di segale e Loganberry sfrutta ingredienti semplici e genuini. Nel passato in Valle d’Aosta il pane di segale veniva cotto dalla comunità’ due volte all’anno. Poi veniva seccato in soffitta come modo di conservazione ed utilizzato in varie preparazioni. Qui propongo di utilizzarlo in un modo inusuale come dessert quasi raffinato. Le bacche di Loganberry sono in realtà’ un incrocio di lamponi e more. Non e’ sempre facile trovare questa marmellata. Si può sostituirla eventualmente con la marmellata di di lamponi o more. Continue reading

Anna’s Pear and Chocolate Castagnaccio

Anna’s Pear and Chocolate Castagnaccio is a new twist, for me that is, on the Tuscan traditional Castagnaccio. This dessert is probably one of the simplest and healthiest desserts possible. To make castagnaccio you only need chestnut flour and water!..It’s mixed together to almost a liquid consistency (with a little olive oil in it too), poured into an olive oil greased low pan and sprinkled with pine nuts and rosemary.
No need for sugar as the chestnut flour is very sweet on its own. It’s healthy because the chestnut flour is lower in calories, has a lower glycemic index than regular wheat flour. Plus it’s gluten free and is full of minerals and antioxidants. You couldn’t ask for more! My Tuscan friend Anna introduced me to this new version with the addition of fresh pears and chocolate taking our rustic Castagnaccio to new heights! Continue reading

Strawberry Ice Cream (without machine)

This easy strawberry ice cream can be whipped up in minutes – and no need to have an ice cream machine. Just mix and freeze in your freezer. Also you can substitute the strawberries with practically any other fruit, so take your pick! The flavour is so fresh and luscious it will be hard to settle for commercial or artisan ice cream from now on! Continue reading

Blueberry Bounty Coffee Cake

As a child I remember our yearly trek to pick wild blueberries nearby our friend’s farm near International Falls, Minnesota. We picked bucketfuls even though there was the possibility of coming face to face with a hungry (for blueberries, I hoped) bear. Luckily no close encounters occurred. Later this bounty that we brought home turned into pies, jams and cakes. This coffee cake, bursting with fresh blueberries evokes fond memories of those times. The crunchy top complements the tender and tangy flavor of the cake (which contains another fruity ingredient: pink grapefruit juice). Never too sweet, it’s the perfect accompaniment to coffee or tea. Continue reading

Chocolate Moka Cupcakes

If you want a feather light but rich tasting chocolate cupcake, you’ve come to the right place! The espresso coffee really intensifies the chocolate flavor. But if you want more coffee flavor just add another espresso cup but decrease the liquid by 1/4 cup. No espresso machine? No problem – just add 1-2 tsp of instant coffee to 1/4 cup of boiling water. Continue reading