Oven Baked Turbot (Rombo Chiodato)

This oven baked turbot is as easy as it is impressive. Turbot (Rombo Chiodato in this case) is similar to a large sole. This time I used the “rombo chiodato” which has a bumpy texture on one side. The addition of potato slices and cherry tomatoes turns this dish into a tray bake as the vegetables are baked together with the fish. Couldn’t be easier than that! Continue reading

Simple Scandinavian Fish Chowder

This Scandinavian Fish Chowder is an easy and healthy recipe that is really quick to make. Using frozen fish filets really saves time. Actually any firm white fish can be used. Back home in Minnesota where lake fish abounds if anyone caught a nice northern pike – that would go into the chowder. Only problem – there were lots of bones to pick out. That’s where the frozen filets come in handy! Continue reading

Branzino Tray Bake

This Branzino Tray Bake (Sea Bass) is another one of my “al cartoccio” recipes. The ingredients all wrapped up in the parchment paper keep all their flavours locked in and prevent drying out. No checking either, just pop the tray into the oven and in a few minutes you have a complete dinner, accompaniments and all! This recipe is also appealing to the eye with all the colourful vegetables and olives that are strewn on top. Continue reading

Topinambour Crusted Salmon Trout

Topinambour crusted trout has become one of our favourite ways of cooking this fish. We recently chose it on the menu of the “Pastificio DeFilippis” restaurant in Torino. I highly recommend this place if you ever visit this interesting city. Adjacent to the restaurant there is also their pasta and grissini shop. It’s one of the oldest pasta and grissini makers in Italy. Afterwards you can’t miss having a coffee at the historic Cafe’ San Carlo in Piazza San Carlo, one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. I could have sat there for hours sipping my coffee except we had to catch the train back to Milan….only an hour away!
Continue reading

Sea Bream with Apples and Beets

This Sea Bream with apples and beets (Fragolino or Pagello in Italy) is baked “al cartoccio”, wrapped in parchment paper. This method seals in all the flavors and prevents drying out. And as a bonus there’s practically no clean up! The beets and apples create a delicious sauce surrounding this baked fish. Continue reading

Stuffed Mackerel with Scallop Roe

This is my rendition of chef Yoji Tokuyoshi’s mackerel recipe that he demonstrated at his master class during the annual “Taste of Milan” event in Milan this spring. I left out the artistic part which was probably the most important (the Gyotaku technique which, using cuttlefish ink, creates a print of the fish before cooking). Anyway for the rest I took careful notes. The result, a delicious and impressive dish – but relatively easy to make. Continue reading