Red Chicory Quiche

The red color in this Red Chicory Quiche indicates loads of nutrients and antioxidants and has a slight but pleasant bitterness to it. The mozzarella does a good job in rounding this out and adds extra protein too. Also there’s not much fuss in preparing the filling as it requires only three main ingredients: red chicory, red onion and mozzarella. No long grocery lists here! Continue reading

Puff Paste (Pasta Sfoglia)

This puff paste (flaky pastry) recipe is relatively simple to make once you learn the technique. There are only 3 basic ingredients: flour, butter, water. The trick is to maintain everything chilled and at the same temperature. The dough could be prepared the day before and the next day reserved for forming the desired shapes: fans, shells, voulevants, even strudel or coulibiac casings. This dough is extremely versatile as it can be used both in sweet or savoury preparations. Continue reading