Aquafaba Coconut Macaroons

These aquafaba coconut macaroons actually turned out better without egg whites. More crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside, almost like your favorite chocolate covered coconut bar. They’re so quick to make with few ingredients using no flour or fat. The chocolate icing is a no-brainer: just pop a little piece of chocolate on top of the macaroons as soon as they come out of the oven and they’ll frost themselves! Just let them cool a few minutes. (if you can wait!) Continue reading

Pistachio Vegan Cupcakes

I made these wonderful little pistachio vegan cupcakes thanks to a vegan pastry course I took at the “Kilometro Bio” vegan restaurant in Monza. Here we learned all sorts of tips on how to substitute egg whites with aquafaba, how to make vegan butter for pastry crusts (crostata) and a wealth of other information on vegan baking. These cupcakes with their rich pistachio flavor also have an interesting souffle like texture which really makes them melt in your mouth. Using these white silicone teacups also made it much easier to bake and serve them. Continue reading

Best Chocolate Waffles

These are truly the best chocolate waffles I’ve ever tasted. They are also very versatile and can be adapted to your needs as you can use a variety of flours, even gluten free. They make a perfect dessert waffle too, adding a touch of whipped cream and berries to make a heavenly combination! They freeze well and can be popped directly into your toaster. Continue reading

Anna’s Pear and Chocolate Castagnaccio

Anna’s Pear and Chocolate Castagnaccio is a new twist, for me that is, on the Tuscan traditional Castagnaccio. This dessert is probably one of the simplest and healthiest desserts possible. To make castagnaccio you only need chestnut flour and water!..It’s mixed together to almost a liquid consistency (with a little olive oil in it too), poured into an olive oil greased low pan and sprinkled with pine nuts and rosemary.
No need for sugar as the chestnut flour is very sweet on its own. It’s healthy because the chestnut flour is lower in calories, has a lower glycemic index than regular wheat flour. Plus it’s gluten free and is full of minerals and antioxidants. You couldn’t ask for more! My Tuscan friend Anna introduced me to this new version with the addition of fresh pears and chocolate taking our rustic Castagnaccio to new heights! Continue reading

Gluten Free White Chocolate Orange Cake

I created this gluten free white chocolate orange cake cake by using an easy three ingredient recipe as a base and adding a few more ingredients. Other than the sugar contained in the bar of white chocolate there’s no need for additional sweeteners. I always try to limit sugar content to the bare minimum without sacrificing flavor. This cake other than being delicious probably has more protein content than carbohydrates. Another words a healthy and nutritious treat! Continue reading

Deep Chocolate Tarts

These deep chocolate tarts with raspberries or strawberries are the perfect combination of antioxidants , protein and vitamins. These tarts are also quick to make and the batter can be made ahead of time and stored in the fridge, ready to bake the next day. By substituting cornstarch for the flour they can also be gluten free so everyone can enjoy them. These deep chocolate tarts are guaranteed to put anyone in a good mood! Continue reading

Chocolate Oatmeal Nut Truffles

These chocolate oatmeal nut truffles are an easy no bake recipe that can even include kids in their preparation. They’ll have fun mixing and rolling the truffles in the powdered sugar. It might be hard to keep them from tasting their creations though! As an added plus they’re gluten free too. Continue reading