Ice Cream Scones

Ice- cream cones for breakfast? No, not exactly, it’s actually ice-cream scones! That is scones made from melted ice-cream (especially chocolate if you have any left over lurking in a corner of your freezer and you don’t know what to do with it). Make these scones using the same recipe of “Controversial Cream Scones” in this blog substituting about half the quantity of cream with melted ice-cream. The rest is easy as pie as you’ll see in the directions! Continue reading

Strawberry Ice Cream (without machine)

This easy strawberry ice cream can be whipped up in minutes – and no need to have an ice cream machine. Just mix and freeze in your freezer. Also you can substitute the strawberries with practically any other fruit, so take your pick! The flavour is so fresh and luscious it will be hard to settle for commercial or artisan ice cream from now on! Continue reading