Quick Whole Wheat Health Bread

My Quick Whole Wheat Health Bread was inspired and adapted from a Mayo Clinic Soda Bread recipe. I made some minor changes and I think I may have actually made the bread even “healthier” – if that’s possible! This loaf is really quick and easy to make – no kneading and rising since you don’t use yeast. I used yogurt instead of buttermilk and some Italian stone ground semi-whole wheat flours (for example Tuminia). And my final touch was a teaspoon of dry sour dough starter and protein powder. The result was a richly flavored and light loaf that slices perfectly. Continue reading

Mini Pumpkin Tea Loaves

I adapted these Mini Pumpkin Tea loaves from a Mayo Clinic recipe that I found on their newsletter. I made a few adjustments and made them even healthier! These make a great breakfast item too. The spicy “doughnut” texture and fragrance makes them extra special. You can bake them in one regular size loaf pan or as I did in three mini pans. In this way you can customise them by adding different toppings and seeds. Continue reading