English Sourdough Muffins

Actually these English Sourdough Muffins are only English in name – they are as American as apple pie! There could be a vague resemblance to the English Crumpets which are similar in appearance, but baked in special rings only on one side. Anyway whatever their origins they are a scrumptious treat baked right on top of your stove in a skillet! The same dough can also be baked in the oven with a few cherry tomatoes sliced on top with a dab of olive oil – all of a sudden we have mini pizzas! (or as the Italians call them – pizzette) Continue reading

Two Way Savory Muffins

These Two Way Savory Muffins will satisfy both vegetarians and non. Half the muffins are filled with shredded zucchini and the other half with a bit of bacon and onion. Ernst Knam’s recipe for Ciambella Salata in his new cookbook “Dolce Dentro” inspired me to create my version of also using a vegetable other than bacon. These muffins are a wonderful substitute for bread and can be split and filled with any sandwich filling. Continue reading