Relish di Pere con Cipolle Egiziane

This fruit based relish is further enhanced by the tiny Egyptian onions which are only Egyptian in name since they originate and are grown in Liguria, Italy. This rare and centuries old vegetable has been reintroduced in Liguria recently thanks to its ease of cultivation and exceptionally rich nutrient value. This delicious appetiser is a perfect accompaniment for grilled swordfish, chicken or turkey. The three basic ingredients make this a quick and easy recipe – especially handy during these hot summer months where you don’t want to spend a lot of time cooking over a hot stove. (Questo relish a base di frutta e’ migliorato da queste piccole cipolle egiziane che sono egiziane solo nel nome, in verita’ sono coltivate e originarie della Liguria. Questo raro e antico ortaggio e stato reintrodotto recentemente in Liguria grazie alla sua facilita’ nella coltivazione e ricchezza di valori nutrizionali. Questo delizioso antipasto e’ un’abbinamento perfetto con pesce spada grigliato, pollo o tacchino. E’ una ricetta adatta specialmente durante questi caldi mesi estivi quando nessuno vuol spendere tanto tempo in cucina). Continue reading

Summer Chickpea Soup

I have to admit this Summer Chickpea Soup has a lot of ingredients and involves a bit of chopping and adding but the procedure is extremely simple and in the end it’s well worth it! It’s so refreshing with the pears in it and it can be a complete light meal in the summer months. Also if you don’t know what to do with the chickpeas after using the aqua faba, this soup is perfect and guaranteed to become a favorite. Continue reading

Anna’s Pear and Chocolate Castagnaccio

Anna’s Pear and Chocolate Castagnaccio is a new twist, for me that is, on the Tuscan traditional Castagnaccio. This dessert is probably one of the simplest and healthiest desserts possible. To make castagnaccio you only need chestnut flour and water!..It’s mixed together to almost a liquid consistency (with a little olive oil in it too), poured into an olive oil greased low pan and sprinkled with pine nuts and rosemary.
No need for sugar as the chestnut flour is very sweet on its own. It’s healthy because the chestnut flour is lower in calories, has a lower glycemic index than regular wheat flour. Plus it’s gluten free and is full of minerals and antioxidants. You couldn’t ask for more! My Tuscan friend Anna introduced me to this new version with the addition of fresh pears and chocolate taking our rustic Castagnaccio to new heights! Continue reading