Asparagus Joy

This layered asparagus dish I called “Asparagus Joy” was inspired again by one of Pietro Leemann’s vegetarian dishes. The easy to make crisp bread disks are layered with tender crisp asparagus spears accented with various aromatic herbs and a fragrant zucchini mint pesto to top it all. Truly an expression of Spring in all its bounty! Continue reading

Foraging in the Oltrepo’ Pavese Countryside

At the end of April “Joia Academy” organised an interesting course on wild herbs. You could call this “foraging” as the group, led by Pietro Leemann, trekked through the Oltrepo’ Pavese countryside near the Boscasso farm to collect and learn how to use these herbs. This was truly a “hands on ” experience as these herbs were also prepared in the farm kitchen and served to the group. A wonderful getaway from our day to day routines and immersing ourselves in nature at its best! Continue reading

Vegan Stuffed Savoy Cabbage with Roasted Apples

I got inspiration for this delicious dish from celebrated vegan chef Pietro Leemann’s recipe “Tonalita’ del Giallo”. Here “vegan” is taken to new heights of sophistication. The flavors and colors meld into one great dish. The spicy couscous enclosed in a tender cabbage leaf is
surrounded by a delicate curry sauce and roasted golden apple slices. And best of all it requires practically no baking but barely a few minutes of cooking with very simple ingredients. Continue reading