Lunch at Ratana’

Ironically the Ratana’ restaurant is one of the few in Milan that features Milanese cousine – which includes of course Ossi Buchi and Risotto alla Milanese, their signature dish. Other traditional dishes are revisited in various imaginative ways always using fresh products from nearby farms and always in season. The site of the restaurant itself is unique in that it’s set in a turn of the century small villa surrounded literally by recently built skyscrapers near Porta Garibaldi. Next door is the “Bosco Verticale” (vertical forest) named recently the most beautiful building in the world. The most modern and trendy area of Milan has encapsulated a bit of “Old Milano” and its traditions in this wonderful little restaurant. I have to mention that the desserts were nonetheless impressive. The destructured tiramisu that I feature here was a delicious surprise and a feast for the eyes! The crunchy little corals that emerged from this dessert were really a touch of genius. Continue reading

Roasted Pumpkin on Robiola Clouds

These roasted pumpkin slices on Robiola clouds are really elevated to new heights in this recipe inspired by the Ratana’ restaurant in Milan. This simple vegetable surrounded by flavourful touches of pumpkin mayonnaise, roasted pumpkin seeds and marinated onions can turn this humble vegetable into a first course or even a main dish! And best of all it’s very easy and quick to prepare. Continue reading