Villa Pizzini

Near the top of Mottarone, above Stresa on Lago Maggiore, lies hidden in an enchanted wood this unique restaurant (and B&B) called Villa Pizzini. Everything is perfectly inserted into this natural habitat overlooking majestic Lago Maggiore with its three Borromeo islands below. Practically all the produce for the restaurant is grown locally or gathered in the surrounding woods such as wild herbs and mushrooms. Everything seems to be in perfect balance with nature here! Continue reading

Pistachio Vegan Cupcakes

I made these wonderful little pistachio vegan cupcakes thanks to a vegan pastry course I took at the “Kilometro Bio” vegan restaurant in Monza. Here we learned all sorts of tips on how to substitute egg whites with aquafaba, how to make vegan butter for pastry crusts (crostata) and a wealth of other information on vegan baking. These cupcakes with their rich pistachio flavor also have an interesting souffle like texture which really makes them melt in your mouth. Using these white silicone teacups also made it much easier to bake and serve them. Continue reading