Ricotta Pear Bundles

This Ricotta Pear Bundle is an interesting and refreshing way to serve a cheese and pear filled crepe – which by the way is a great combination of flavors. You only have to fill the crepe and gather the edges, then tie it off like a bundle – hence where it gets its name! The delicate pear sauce surrounding it compliments it perfectly. Continue reading

Raspberry Ricotta (Cheese) Cake

This Raspberry Ricotta (cheese) cake is a cake with a cheesecake texture¬†– that’s why I put “cheese” between parentheses. It could be both: a cake and at the same time a crustless cheesecake! You still have the rich taste of cheesecake without missing the calorie laden crust. The colourful raspberries add a boost of freshness and flavor too. Continue reading

St. Louis Light Cheesecake

This St. Louis Light Cheesecake I have to admit was adapted from the celebrated St. Louis Ooey Gooey Butter Cake. I took the Ooey Gooey out (which meant removing loads of butter and sugar) and pared it down to this lighter version which turned out surprisingly delicious – a light cake layer with a ricotta cheesecake topping. The calories are down to a minimum and you shouldn’t feel guilty (or have the stomach!) to enjoy a second piece. Of course if I ever get down to St. Louis Missouri I won’t disdain to try the original! Continue reading

Healthy Blueberry Ricotta Hot Cakes

These healthy Blueberry Hot Cakes made with whole wheat flour and ricotta make them especially protein rich. A good stone ground flour also imparts a pleasant nutty taste. These hot cakes rise to greater thickness in comparison to traditional pancakes in that the batter is thicker and the final dash of apple cider vinegar gives them a boost in rising power. Continue reading


This 2,000 year old recipe of “Libum” has become a regular staple in our family. It all started years ago as my daughter’s assignment for school on ancient Roman domestic life. She came across Apicio’s recipe from “De Re Coquinaria” (“About Cooking”). We tried it and they turned out simple to make and delicious. These were said to be offerings to Jupiter by married couples during marriage celebrations and other ceremonies. She brought them to school where the whole class enjoyed them. I guess you could really call this “hands on” learning!
Continue reading