Three Berry Smoothie

The main ingredients in this three berry smoothie are blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. These healthy berries are bursting with anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins. Use your imagination – you could substitute other fruits too. Also a couple of tablespoons of oatmeal flakes can turn this into a great instant breakfast. Throw everything into the blender and press the button! Of course the edible flower is only a decoration. Continue reading

Flax Seed Smoothie

The star ingredient of this Flax Seed Smoothie is of course the flax seed which contains more Omega-3’s than practically any other food.
The seeds have to be ground immediately before serving though, since they oxidise very quickly. The basis of this smoothie is the celebrated Budwig recipe with the addition of a few other healthy ingredients. This is a breakfast to the nth degree! It’s very concentrated so this “smoothie” is meant to be eaten with a spoon. Even making it once or twice a week can give you amazing health benefits. Preferably the ingredients should be organic and free of any industrial processing. Continue reading

Super Detox Smoothie

This Super Detox Smoothie is a great after holiday tonic to give your digestive system a break! By substituting a meal with it you’re not only detoxing but also including lots of important vitamins, minerals and last but not least, healthy fiber. The raspberries are a good addition for vitamin B and C and they also contribute to the taste and color of the beverage. Continue reading

Chocolate Breakfast Smoothie

This chocolate breakfast smoothie can be quickly assembled the night before in your blender. No fuss the next morning, just switch on the blender and serve, couldn’t be easier! If you’re on the run, getting ready to go to work or school this is the perfect solution for a quick and super nutritious breakfast. The oatmeal is first on the list for the highest percentage of protein in a cereal (16%)! Plus the other ingredients are packed with minerals and antioxidants. You surely won’t run out of energy until lunch time. Continue reading