Summer Chickpea Soup

I have to admit this Summer Chickpea Soup has a lot of ingredients and involves a bit of chopping and adding but the procedure is extremely simple and in the end it’s well worth it! It’s so refreshing with the pears in it and it can be a complete light meal in the summer months. Also if you don’t know what to do with the chickpeas after using the aqua faba, this soup is perfect and guaranteed to become a favorite. Continue reading

Easy Chicken Gumbo Soup

This easy chicken gumbo soup is a Creole inspired recipe that takes the usual chicken soup to a new level. Gumbo is the African word for the okra pod which is an essential ingredient in this recipe. I only recently “discovered” this interesting and healthy vegetable. It’s subtle tanginess adds a special flavour and also serves to slightly thicken the soup. Okra is also abundant in calcium and potassium among many other nutrients. It freezes well whole (after blanching for 3 or 4 minutes) and can be easily sliced and ready to cook at any moment. Continue reading