Monza New Year Star Cake

The Chocolate Clock at the “Duls de Sant Bioeus ” pastry shop in Via Volta, Monza is ticking away. Two minutes until the new year: 2019!! Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and peaceful New year!! Also a new cake has been created featuring the traditional ingredients of the “torta paesana” with a new twist. Continue reading

Light Torta Paesana

This light version of Torta Paesana, a rustic northern Italian cake, is based on my original recipe (found in this blog under “Chocolate Country Cake”) and according to the reaction of family members – even better tasting! The various substitutions are a lot healthier too. Substituting almond milk for regular milk, agave syrup for sugar, aquafaba for the egg and coconut oil for butter really makes a difference without altering the original character of the cake. It’s an easy one bowl cake and like the original version has a dense pudding-like consistency. Continue reading