Deep Chocolate Chickpea Cupcakes

These Deep Chocolate Chickpea Cupcakes are completely vegan – no dairy or eggs . They have nothing to lose though in flavor or texture. In addition they’re packed with protein provided by the chickpea flour, almond meal and almond milk. And they’re so easy to make, just combine and beat together the dry and wet ingredients. I whipped them up before breakfast and in 20 minutes they were out of the oven. And they’re healthy enough for breakfast too. Continue reading

Aquafaba Lemon Almond Bars

I came up with these Aquafaba Lemon Almond Bars after trying to lighten up my favorite lemon bar recipe, trying to make it egg-free and less sugary. I reduced the sugar by half using whole coconut sugar (which accounts for the light brown color) and replaced the eggs with aquafaba. I also added almond meal to give the bars more structure. I have to admit the result was even better than the original and a lot healthier too. Continue reading

Terrina di Broccoli con Salsa di Mandarino

This refreshing broccoli aspic is the fruit of an interesting vegan course at the “Joia Academy” kitchens in Milan. The “Joia” restaurant is one of the most well known vegetarian restaurants in the region run by chef Pietro Leemann. Here chef Nabil Bakouss demonstrates how this “Terrine di Broccoli con Salsa di Mandarino” is prepared. Carefully following the recipe, ours came out delicious too! The idea to add an edible pansy was ours. Continue reading

Tapioca Cream Pudding

Tapioca Cream Pudding, the “caviar” of the pudding world, is made with tapioca pearls made from the starch of the cassava (or manioca) root – an Amazonian staple. Those clear, slightly chewy beads immersed in this creamy pudding really add an interesting texture. Also as I had mentioned in my previous post, they are packed with a lot of healthy and nutritional properties. I’ve also included the vegan version here which omits eggs and milk, substituted instead by cashew cream and almond milk. This pudding goes amazingly well with exotic fruit such as mango and papaya. This recipe is very simple and easy to make. Continue reading

Apricot Quick Bread

This Apricot Quick Bread requires only a few ingredients but the result surely doesn’t fall short of taste. You wouldn’t believe that this bread has no eggs, sugar or butter and still comes out with a tender crumb and rich apricot flavor. This has become my go to breakfast bread – great toasted too! Continue reading

Mini Vegan Valentine Meringues

These Mini Vegan Valentine Meringues are so easy and versatile – you can make them any shape, color or flavor you want. And no need to use egg whites either. I’ve discovered that “aquafaba” (the liquid drained from cooked chickpeas) works beautifully. Don’t throw away that precious liquid! You can use it as an egg substitute and it also freezes well. So many dishes from one jar of chickpeas – Hummus, pasta e ceci, and meringues as a dessert! Continue reading

Quick Whole Wheat Health Bread

My Quick Whole Wheat Health Bread was inspired and adapted from a Mayo Clinic Soda Bread recipe. I made some minor changes and I think I may have actually made the bread even “healthier” – if that’s possible! This loaf is really quick and easy to make – no kneading and rising since you don’t use yeast. I used yogurt instead of buttermilk and some Italian stone ground semi-whole wheat flours (for example Tuminia). And my final touch was a teaspoon of dry sour dough starter and protein powder. The result was a richly flavored and light loaf that slices perfectly. Continue reading