Halloween Sugarpaste Decorations

_20161029_103247_20161025_104517_20161023_110117MATERIALS AND TUTORIAL FOR HALLOWEEN SUGAR PASTE DECORATIONS

1 small package each sugar paste (fondant) in black, orange, cream, white, green
1 small plastic rolling pin, raw cacao nibs or whole cloves
1 small clean watercolour brush
a little apricot jam (or other flavour)
tooth picks
optional: food colour paste in yellow, red, green



1. Starting with the head: add a drop of red sugar paste color to the cream colour using the tip of a tooth pick (you need very little) Knead together to get the correct color. Roll into a small ball. Press in the facial features adding a tiny ball for the nose.
2. Prepare the other pieces as shown which are basically 4 cone shapes. (use vinyl gloves when working with black as it might stain the hands)
3. Press together the pieces with the help of tooth picks (or smaller pieces of them).
4. For the hat form a small cone pressing in with the thumbs to hollow out the wider part. Add a colored ribbon.
TIP: If pieces don’t stick together well, brush a dab of water between them.
5. For the hair add some yellow color paste to a small piece of the orange sugar paste. Press through a garlic press to obtain the strands. Brush the head with a little water and attach the “hair”.

PUMPKINS: These are easy, just roll small balls with the orange sugar paste. Place each in the middle of a piece of cling film and twist tightly. Unroll and you have an instant pumpkin. Just press in the features. You can add pieces of cacao nibs or cloves if you like.

MUMMY: Roll out the white sugar paste. Slice thin strips and apply criss-cross over the cupcake. Add features.

SPIDER and CAT: They are basically two balls each, a smaller and a larger one stuck together. Roll out thin features for the legs and tail. Add eyes using red or green.

Note: For other decorations you can simply use cookie cutters. Before applying the cutouts brush each cupcake with a little jam and apply a thin round of sugar paste. Everything you need for baking and decorating you can find at “Cake o’ Clock” in Piazza Carrobiolo, Monza.