Ricotta Pear Bundles

This Ricotta Pear Bundle is an interesting and refreshing way to serve a cheese and pear filled crepe – which by the way is a great combination of flavors. You only have to fill the crepe and gather the edges, then tie it off like a bundle – hence where it gets its name! The delicate pear sauce surrounding it compliments it perfectly. Continue reading

Summer Chickpea Soup

I have to admit this Summer Chickpea Soup has a lot of ingredients and involves a bit of chopping and adding but the procedure is extremely simple and in the end it’s well worth it! It’s so refreshing with the pears in it and it can be a complete light meal in the summer months. Also if you don’t know what to do with the chickpeas after using the aqua faba, this soup is perfect and guaranteed to become a favorite. Continue reading

Salsola Soda Quiche

This Salsola soda quiche contains an interesting grasslike vegetable more commonly known as “agretti” in Italy. It has a very pleasant tangy flavor and makes an unusual quiche. This vegetable has a very short season – you can usually find it only from April to May. So it’s a good idea to take advantage of this period to utilise its super detox properties. In fact it contains considerable amounts of vitamins A, C and especially the B group – not to mention also lots of minerals. Continue reading

Asparagus Joy

This layered asparagus dish I called “Asparagus Joy” was inspired again by one of Pietro Leemann’s vegetarian dishes. The easy to make crisp bread disks are layered with tender crisp asparagus spears accented with various aromatic herbs and a fragrant zucchini mint pesto to top it all. Truly an expression of Spring in all its bounty! Continue reading

Vegan Stuffed Savoy Cabbage with Roasted Apples

I got inspiration for this delicious dish from celebrated vegan chef Pietro Leemann’s recipe “Tonalita’ del Giallo”. Here “vegan” is taken to new heights of sophistication. The flavors and colors meld into one great dish. The spicy couscous enclosed in a tender cabbage leaf is
surrounded by a delicate curry sauce and roasted golden apple slices. And best of all it requires practically no baking but barely a few minutes of cooking with very simple ingredients. Continue reading

Capesante Affumicate al Te’ Jasmin sul Risotto Acquerello

Essendo un’entususiasta della pittura all’acquarello, quando ho visto per la prima volta la marca “Riso Acquerello ” mi ha incuriosita molto ed ho acquistato la bella confezione. Ho scoperto che e’ un riso molto pregiato ed e’ anche invecchiato appositamente con un procedimento naturale per mantenerlo bianco ed anche per mantenere le parti nutritive. Era li’ in bella vista nella dispensa aspettando una ricetta speciale. Cosi’ ho deciso di abbinarlo con una ricetta “affumicata”. Ho pensato subito alle capesante con una affumicatura delicata, cioè con un te’ verde veramente speciale – il “Jasmin Pearls Long Zhu”. E’ cosi’ e’ nata la mia ricetta. Ho fatto una ricerca sul Web su come affumicare in cucina senza attrezzi particolari. Ho utilizzato una pentola bassa con il coperchio ed un cestello per la cottura al vapore e voila’, il gioco e’ fatto! Il risultato era più’ che soddisfacente con le capesante delicatissimamente profumate al gelsomino adagiate su un letto candido di Risotto Acquerello. Continue reading