Dukkah Seed Dip

Dukkah Seed Dip is a mix of ground seeds, nuts and spices. It’s a delicious and healthy way to accompany any kind of bread by dipping it first into a good extra virgin olive oil and then into the seed mixture. The toasted aroma of this mixture is unbelievably fragrant. It can also be used to sprinkle on salads and soups to give added flavor. Continue reading

Ice Cream Scones

Ice- cream cones for breakfast? No, not exactly, it’s actually ice-cream scones! That is scones made from melted ice-cream (especially chocolate if you have any left over lurking in a corner of your freezer and you don’t know what to do with it). Make these scones using the same recipe of “Controversial Cream Scones” in this blog substituting about half the quantity of cream with melted ice-cream. The rest is easy as pie as you’ll see in the directions! Continue reading

Dolphin Rolls

Looking for another original shape for your dinner rolls? Here’s a creative way to use my Easy Dinner Roll recipe. A few snips here and there, a clove or peppercorn for the eye and there you have it: a leaping dolphin! I got this idea from a local bakery that recently made rolls called “pesciolini” (meaning “little fish”) – only an oval roll with a vaguely tail fin shape on one end. My daughter suggested: Why don’t you try making dolphin shapes? And that’s just what I did! Continue reading

Super Easy Dinner Rolls

These super easy dinner rolls are really a snap to make. You only need a couple of hours to turn out these fragrant and healthy rolls from your oven. They are versatile too as you can add a variety of spices and seeds. The rolls can also be molded into fun shapes as I’ll be posting several variations of this basic recipe in my future posts. Continue reading

Pumpkin Harvest Pancakes

These delicious pumpkin harvest pancakes are great for breakfast and are loaded with vitamins and protein. I used the “Andina flour” which is a mix of protein rich spelt, wholewheat and quinoa flours. If you can’t find this brand you could mix 60% all-purpose, 30 % spelt and about 10% quinoa flour. Or another good combination could be 1/2 all-purpose and 1/2 whole wheat flour. Anyway it’s the pumpkin puree that actually makes all the difference in this recipe imparting a special flavor and tenderness to this pancake. Continue reading

Pane di Segale Facile Senza Impasto

Questo pane di segale e’ facilissimo da fare se avete una macchina del pane, altrimenti si può farlo a mano col metodo tradizionale con almeno due lievitazioni. Rimane fresco e fragrante per almeno tre giorni e poi potete tenerlo in frigo per un paio di giorni in più’. Non buttate via eventuale pane secco! Può’ essere grattugiato e utilizzato per dei deliziosi dessert che troverete su questo blog. Continue reading

Dessert di Pane di Segale e Loganberry

Questo dessert di pane di segale e Loganberry sfrutta ingredienti semplici e genuini. Nel passato in Valle d’Aosta il pane di segale veniva cotto dalla comunità’ due volte all’anno. Poi veniva seccato in soffitta come modo di conservazione ed utilizzato in varie preparazioni. Qui propongo di utilizzarlo in un modo inusuale come dessert quasi raffinato. Le bacche di Loganberry sono in realtà’ un incrocio di lamponi e more. Non e’ sempre facile trovare questa marmellata. Si può sostituirla eventualmente con la marmellata di di lamponi o more. Continue reading