Chia Lime Pie

This delicious pie sounds like Key Lime Pie and tastes much like it but the difference is that it’s a lot healthier with no sugar or lactose and it’s totally egg free. It’s sweetened with a little natural honey and the creaminess is provided by a fresh avocado and pure coconut milk. A sprinkle of chia seeds adds a little crunch and helps the filling to thicken. Lots of tangy lime juice gives it its characteristic taste. I made the crust with crushed amaretto cookies and ground pecans but you can choose whatever version you want: store bought or homemade. And on top of that it’s really easy to prepare – all the filling ingredients are whirled in the blender without any baking. Continue reading

Apple Pie Cookies

Who wouldn’t like apple pie in this moment, an all American but by now international comfort food? Well here’s an easier alternative with all the ingredients and flavours of apple pie rolled into one cookie. This is a soft cookie with a slightly crunchy exterior and filled with delicious chunks of fresh apple. Great for breakfast or a snack. If you want extra crunch add chopped walnuts or pecans. Continue reading

Copycat Cake

This is a real copycat cake, even the cat put his stamp of approval on it! Actually this is an imitation of a cake from Vicenza which they call ” La Gata” (cat in dialect). The recipe is so secret that I couldn’t find it anywhere so I used the ingredients printed on the box where the cake came in and followed a quick video where they demonstrated the procedure. The cake came out slightly different in taste but delicious anyhow. I used the stencil that came with the original cake to decorate the top. Well worth a visit to this city – Vicenza is a city of art, Palladian architecture and also renown for its jewellery industry. Don’t miss the jewellery museum and of course don’t forget to pick up the cake! Continue reading

Louisa May Alcott’s Apple Slump

This was a dessert loved so much by Alcott , author of “Little Women”, that she nicknamed her home (Orchard House) “Apple Slump”. My version is an updated recipe of an early American steamed apple dessert. It may seem like a crumble or cobbler but the topping is actually biscuit batter. The early American version was actually cooked on top of the stove with the biscuit batter steamed by the bubbling apples. Here it’s baked in the oven with a sprinkling of pecans which gives it a crispier topping. Continue reading

Touch of Mint Caprese

That touch of mint and pistachios in this recipe has turned the traditional caprese into something really special! Actually it turned out by accident in that I only had half the amount of almond flour but I did have some ground pistachios which I substituted. The same with the chocolate – half of which I had to add mint flavored. But the result was surprisingly better than I thought and now is my favorite! Continue reading

Mini Holiday Pumpkin Pies

These little mini pumpkin pies are so easy to make especially the filling which is stovetop made – no baking in the oven! There’s a new twist in the flavor too with a refreshing touch of orange provided by the grated zest. The crust here is a special recipe for “frolla montata” a sweet Italian type of pastry especially used for “crostate” but equally good for cookies using a cookie press. To make it even easier you can use store bought pre-made crust shells.
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