No-bake Fresh Fig Cheesecake


1 box yogurt cheesecake mix such as Cameo adding 50 gr. chopped dark chocolate, 6 fresh figs, lemon thyme sprigs and liquid honey to the box ingredients.

or from scratch
250 gr. crushed plain cookies
50 gr. (1/2 bar) dark chocolate (finely chopped)
90 gr. melted (warm) butter
60 gr. powdered sugar
375 gr. plain yogurt
pinch of cream of tartar
250 ml fresh whipping cream (lactose-free if desired)
6 fresh figs
lemon thyme sprigs for decoration if desired
liquid honey


Follow the box directions mixing in the chopped chocolate to the warm crust mixture (melted butter should be warm).
When crust is chilled spread half the whipped filling over it, press three halved figs (with outer skin removed) onto the bottom and spread the rest of the filling over. Chill well in the fridge. Decorate with the remaining figs (quartered) and a few lemon thyme sprigs if desired.

TIP: Brush figs with a little liquid honey