Rice Fritters from Siena

With carnival season approaching bakery windows are brimming with all sorts of fried pastry in Italy. Each region or even city has their own specialty. Recently visiting Siena I enjoyed a taste of their rice fritters – Frittelle di Riso – in historic Piazza del Campo. A little hut is set up there around this time that turns out freshly fried Frittelle by the minute. Outside a line of people impatiently wait for these delectable crispy treats. A sign outside listed the genuine ingredients. Coming back home I couldn’t help making them myself. I wasn’t disappointed – I think I came pretty close! Of course to fully enjoy them you should really come to the beautiful medieval city of Siena yourself. Continue reading

Frittelle di Sant’Antonio

These Frittelle di Sant’Antonio are a delicious fried pastry served especially this week when Sant’ Antonio, the protector of domestic animals, is celebrated. Most bakeries sell them in the Lombardia region around this time, but they are so easy to prepare you could make them yourself in no time. The secret of success is the temperature of the oil so if you have a deep fat frier with temperature control or a frying thermometer you can be sure they will come out perfect. Continue reading