Ricotta Pear Bundles

This Ricotta Pear Bundle is an interesting and refreshing way to serve a cheese and pear filled crepe – which by the way is a great combination of flavors. You only have to fill the crepe and gather the edges, then tie it off like a bundle – hence where it gets its name! The delicate pear sauce surrounding it compliments it perfectly. Continue reading

Easy Crepes Suzette

You don’t have to be a French chef to make these delicious crepes and you won’t have to play with fire either (no flambĂ©!). They are delicious without all the extra fuss. If you wan’t to be a perfectionist you can add that 1 tablespoon of Grand Marnier if you have it (I ran out of it years ago and haven’t bought it since). The secret to success here is the flavor of a good, sweet organic orange, zest and all. Continue reading