Gluten-free Raspberry Shortcake

_20150719_200056One previously baked and cooled pan of the “Portuguese Focaccia” recipe (the month of March on this blog).
1-2 cups freshly whipped cream (sweetened with 1-3 Tbsp powdered sugar)
1-2 cups of fresh raspberries.

1. Cut out 6 (or more) 3″ rounds with a pastry cutter (or a smaller one).
Smaller ones could be “bite- sized” and would make a lot more.

2. Sandwich together two pieces with the whipped cream and a few berries. You could even slice each piece in half to make more if desired.

3. Top with a dollop of more cream and scatter more berries on top.

4. Chill and serve.

Tip: Other types of berries do well here too (blueberries, strawberries, etc.).
With the scraps you could assemble a “trifle”, using the same ingredients. The scraps could be moistened with orange juice or a favorite liquor (Gran Marnier is good).