Filled Brioche (Tang Zhong Method)

These Filled Brioche using the oriental Tang Zhong Method make the lightest and fluffiest sweet rolls ever. I put off making these rolls for a long time thinking them complicated, but nothing could be further than the truth. There’s only a tiny additional step that takes 5 minutes, that is the “water roux” which is simply a small amount of water and flour boiled together to a paste. This gel like starter is what creates the softness and also prolongs the freshness of these rolls. Well worth the extra effort! By the way this recipe lends itself to a myriad of different shapes and fillings as you’ll see in my post. Try it – and you’ll never go back to the usual method! Continue reading

Easy Italian Colomba

This Easy Italian Colomba is a sweet yeast bread that is traditionally served at Easter time. The original recipe calls for candied orange peel but here I used dried cranberries which I prefer. You can make this sweet bread in one afternoon or morning. I started mine at four in the afternoon and four hours later it came out fresh from the oven. Perfect for following Easter morning breakfast. By the way Colomba means “dove” in Italian as it is baked in this shape. Around this time of year it’s not hard to find dove shaped paper liners or pans in stores. Continue reading