Super Easy Dinner Rolls

These super easy dinner rolls are really a snap to make. You only need a couple of hours to turn out these fragrant and healthy rolls from your oven. They are versatile too as you can add a variety of spices and seeds. The rolls can also be molded into fun shapes as I’ll be posting several variations of this basic recipe in my future posts. Continue reading

Pane di Segale Facile Senza Impasto

Questo pane di segale e’ facilissimo da fare se avete una macchina del pane, altrimenti si può farlo a mano col metodo tradizionale con almeno due lievitazioni. Rimane fresco e fragrante per almeno tre giorni e poi potete tenerlo in frigo per un paio di giorni in più’. Non buttate via eventuale pane secco! Può’ essere grattugiato e utilizzato per dei deliziosi dessert che troverete su questo blog. Continue reading

Whole Wheat Popovers

I’ve never made a perfect popover until I tried “The Joy of Cooking” version. Popovers can be tricky and all the conditions to make them must be exact: the consistency of the batter has to be not thicker than whipping cream, the temperature of the ingredients should be at room temperature and the oven very hot with all the heat coming from the bottom. I also floured the buttered tins to ease the removal of the popovers. The classic popover is made from white flour but I prefer the taste and health benefits from this whole wheat version. You can also add chopped herbs like parsley and thyme or spices of your choice for extra flavor. The English version of the popover (and probably its origin) is the Yorkshire Pudding, which isn’t a pudding as Americans would imagine but a similar recipe using hot beef roast drippings in the bottom of the tin. Continue reading

Zucchini Lime Pistachio Loaf

This Zucchini Lime Pistachio Loaf can be easily turned into an egg-free version by using aquafaba. Naturally sweet zucchini makes this cake extra moist and full of healthy fiber while reducing a lot of the sugar used in most recipes. Pistachios and limes pair well in this loaf by adding extra crunch and tanginess. Healthy enough for an energising special breakfast. Continue reading

Apricot Quick Bread

This Apricot Quick Bread requires only a few ingredients but the result surely doesn’t fall short of taste. You wouldn’t believe that this bread has no eggs, sugar or butter and still comes out with a tender crumb and rich apricot flavor. This has become my go to breakfast bread – great toasted too! Continue reading

Quick Whole Wheat Health Bread

My Quick Whole Wheat Health Bread was inspired and adapted from a Mayo Clinic Soda Bread recipe. I made some minor changes and I think I may have actually made the bread even “healthier” – if that’s possible! This loaf is really quick and easy to make – no kneading and rising since you don’t use yeast. I used yogurt instead of buttermilk and some Italian stone ground semi-whole wheat flours (for example Tuminia). And my final touch was a teaspoon of dry sour dough starter and protein powder. The result was a richly flavored and light loaf that slices perfectly. Continue reading