Whole Wheat Popovers

I’ve never made a perfect popover until I tried “The Joy of Cooking” version. Popovers can be tricky and all the conditions to make them must be exact: the consistency of the batter has to be not thicker than whipping cream, the temperature of the ingredients should be at room temperature and the oven very hot with all the heat coming from the bottom. I also floured the buttered tins to ease the removal of the popovers. The classic popover is made from white flour but I prefer the taste and health benefits from this whole wheat version. You can also add chopped herbs like parsley and thyme or spices of your choice for extra flavor. The English version of the popover (and probably its origin) is the Yorkshire Pudding, which isn’t a pudding as Americans would imagine but a similar recipe using hot beef roast drippings in the bottom of the tin. Continue reading

Aquafaba Popovers

These aquafaba popovers actually didn’t turn out as regular popovers in that they came out flat and didn’t rise up to my expectations. I’m posting them here anyway until I find the a.f. recipe that works – if there ever is one! Even though they didn’t puff up they were still delicious – delicately crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Great with maple syrup – the texture and taste almost like a miniature waffle. Continue reading