Topinambour Crusted Salmon Trout

_20161109_170143These delicious grissini, a specialty of Torino, were served with our meal.

_20161110_165258The adjacent pasta shop in the restaurant.

20161109_155118Panorama of Piazza San Carlo.

img_20161109_155559373Beautiful Cafe’ San Carlo, one of the oldest and most beautiful in Torino. You can’t miss having coffee in this historic cafe’ in Piazza San Carlo.


Saute’ each medium sized salmon trout filet (one serving) for about 5 minutes per side in 2 tbsp. olive oil and 1 tbsp. butter or until done.  Salt and pepper fish and add a sprig of fresh rosemary while frying.  When fish is done place it on a plate and cover it with thinly sliced topinambour.  You can saute’ it a little if you wish.

Note: Topinambour is also known as Jerusalem artichoke.  It’s a very nutritious vegetable that contains lots of Vitamin A and has a low glycemic index, unlike the common potato.