Salmon Trout Summer Pasta Salad

This cold salmon trout pasta is perfect in hot weather especially now when the thermometer is reaching almost 40 degrees C. (100 F) around here! It’s also easy to prepare ahead of time and even serve it the next day. You could easily substitute the trout with tuna, shrimp or practically any cooked fish. Continue reading

Springtime Salmon Salad

Last Monday I saw an interesting cooking masterclass demonstration at the “Tempo dei Libri” event in Milan, one of the largest book fairs in Italy. There were editors from all over Italy and some even from the States. Of course I was drawn to the cookbook area which was full of every imaginable type of cookbook with the latest editions in print. The chef at the demonstration stressed that every recipe should dip from a palette of crunchiness, sweetness, sapidity, and a touch of acidity. The perfect mixture of these flavours can almost create a work of art if carefully assembled. Tasting this delicious salmon salad I could see (taste!) what he meant. Continue reading

Capesante Affumicate al Te’ Jasmin sul Risotto Acquerello

Essendo un’entususiasta della pittura all’acquarello, quando ho visto per la prima volta la marca “Riso Acquerello ” mi ha incuriosita molto ed ho acquistato la bella confezione. Ho scoperto che e’ un riso molto pregiato ed e’ anche invecchiato appositamente con un procedimento naturale per mantenerlo bianco ed anche per mantenere le parti nutritive. Era li’ in bella vista nella dispensa aspettando una ricetta speciale. Cosi’ ho deciso di abbinarlo con una ricetta “affumicata”. Ho pensato subito alle capesante con una affumicatura delicata, cioè con un te’ verde veramente speciale – il “Jasmin Pearls Long Zhu”. E’ cosi’ e’ nata la mia ricetta. Ho fatto una ricerca sul Web su come affumicare in cucina senza attrezzi particolari. Ho utilizzato una pentola bassa con il coperchio ed un cestello per la cottura al vapore e voila’, il gioco e’ fatto! Il risultato era più’ che soddisfacente con le capesante delicatissimamente profumate al gelsomino adagiate su un letto candido di Risotto Acquerello. Continue reading

Simple Scandinavian Fish Chowder

This Scandinavian Fish Chowder is an easy and healthy recipe that is really quick to make. Using frozen fish filets really saves time. Actually any firm white fish can be used. Back home in Minnesota where lake fish abounds if anyone caught a nice northern pike – that would go into the chowder. Only problem – there were lots of bones to pick out. That’s where the frozen filets come in handy! Continue reading

Branzino Tray Bake

This Branzino Tray Bake (Sea Bass) is another one of my “al cartoccio” recipes. The ingredients all wrapped up in the parchment paper keep all their flavours locked in and prevent drying out. No checking either, just pop the tray into the oven and in a few minutes you have a complete dinner, accompaniments and all! This recipe is also appealing to the eye with all the colourful vegetables and olives that are strewn on top. Continue reading