Almond Honey Bread

This Almond Honey Bread is made with a special organic “Andina Flour” that contains wheat, spelt and quinoa flours. This combination plus honey and almond meal makes a perfect loaf with almost a brioche-like flavor and consistency. Here I used my bread machine although the same recipe could be used with the traditional method with two previous risings. Continue reading

Quinoa Zucchini Croquettes

These spicy little Quinoa (pronounced keenwa) patties can be a nutritious and tasty alternative to meat as the quinoa is rich in protein and valuable minerals. The addition of zucchini and carrots rounds out this croquette perfectly. A crunchy fresh salad and maybe a slice of fresh sourdough or rye bread turns these into a complete meal. Continue reading

Quinoa Sausage and Pomegranate Stir Fry

This Quinoa Sausage and Pomegranate Stir Fry was created to substitute our traditional wild rice and sausage stuffing or side dish for Thanksgiving. It’s not always easy to find wild rice in Italy. Usually I’d bring it back to Italy from my summer visits to Minnesota where it grows in many of its northern lakes. There are over 10,000 lakes in my home state, so wild rice is pretty plentiful. At least it’s easy to find in your local supermarkets. Anyway, due to the lack of this delicious grain in Italy (by the way it’s not rice but a wild aquatic grass!) I came up with a delicious alternative – quinoa. It cooks quicker, only 10 minutes compared to the 40 of wild rice and it has an equally nutty flavour that pairs perfectly with the sausage and herbs. The pomegranate kernels add a refreshing tanginess. This stir fry tastes great with the turkey and could also be used as a stuffing. Continue reading

Summer Ossi Buchi with Quinoa

We all think of Ossi Buchi as a hearty cold weather meal but if you try this recipe you’ll see how light it can turn out to be. By just changing some of the ingredients without altering its character, you can prepare a perfect summertime meal. And who needs the polenta or risotto here, let’s save that for the winter months – fluffy quinoa is a perfect match and a time saver too! Continue reading

Marinated Salmon Salad Plate

We had this delicious marinated salmon salad on a hot summer day in Riga, Latvia at the Muusu restaurant. It was simple but unforgettable in its freshness. This is a place we’ll come back to for sure next time we’re in Riga, right in the middle of the medieval Old Town. Continue reading