Light Wedding Cake

This was absolutely the lightest and most delicious wedding cake I’ve ever eaten. Basically it was two layers of sponge cake (or one cut in half) filled with Chantilly cream (whipped cream with powdered sugar), covered and decorated with the same cream and fresh blueberries and raspberries. Then small meringues are pressed all around into the sides. There were eight identical cakes placed on a “swirling” cake stand in a spiral fashion. The recipe for sponge cake is identical to the one in my October blog. This way you can double, triple, etc. as needed for the portions. (One cake should be about 8 slices). We had this cake at the Cascina Caremma at Besate near Milan. Continue reading

Italian Fruit Tart (Crostata di Frutta)

This was the spectacular fruit tart served at my baby nephew’s baptism reception. It’s an ingenious way of serving any number of people, from a small group to larger crowds by simply adding more petals around the central tart. Each petal is a generous portion. Half the petals in this picture had been already removed for serving. This recipe makes the central tart. By doubling or tripling the ingredients you can create the petals. These can be hand shaped or you can buy the aluminum pastry cases.
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