Aspic di Gamberetti

Sono la piccola “Viola del Pensiero”!
Non mi curo dei cieli imbronciati!
Se la farfalla tarda
Posso, per questo, mancare?

Inizia cosi’ la bella poesia di Emily Dickinson che ha ispirato questa ricetta di Aspic di Gamberetti. Dispetto all’inverno, questo fiorellino resiste al freddo e qui nella mia ricetta di aspic “fiorisce” in cima alla gelatina di gamberetti e da’ un tocco di allegria quasi primaverile! Forse un segno che siamo gia’ stanchi di questo lungo inverno? Allora – via a piatti “fioriti”! Continue reading

Chocolate Wine Bread

This versatile chocolate wine bread has barely a hint of wine that complements the chocolate taste perfectly. In addition the chopped walnuts give this loaf a welcome crunch. These unusual flavours for a bread combine perfectly with the whole wheat and rye flours creating a loaf that goes wonderfully with cheese and also scrumptious toasted and spread with cherry or raspberry jam for breakfast. And all the work is done by your bread machine! Continue reading

Dukkah Seed Dip

Dukkah Seed Dip is a mix of ground seeds, nuts and spices. It’s a delicious and healthy way to accompany any kind of bread by dipping it first into a good extra virgin olive oil and then into the seed mixture. The toasted aroma of this mixture is unbelievably fragrant. It can also be used to sprinkle on salads and soups to give added flavor. Continue reading

Crispy Fried Borage Leaves

Borage is a forager’s delight, especially easy to find during spring season when its velvety leaves and bright blue star shaped flowers abound. This plant can also be cultivated in a sunny spot in your garden. The whole plant is edible including the flowers. It’s also full of valuable vitamins and minerals. I especially enjoy the leaves dipped in batter and quickly fried in olive oil until golden and crisp. A quick and healthy treat! Continue reading

Holiday Stuffed Comet Star

Our local bakery makes this wonderful Sicilian type bread in the form of a Comet Star (Stella Cometa) during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Instead of making the usual savory Panettone (Panettone Gastronomico) with its various layers, I prefer using instead the star of this bread as the base for three layers that are filled. The tail end of the comet can then be sliced to accompany the meal. Continue reading


This 2,000 year old recipe of “Libum” has become a regular staple in our family. It all started years ago as my daughter’s assignment for school on ancient Roman domestic life. She came across Apicio’s recipe from “De Re Coquinaria” (“About Cooking”). We tried it and they turned out simple to make and delicious. These were said to be offerings to Jupiter by married couples during marriage celebrations and other ceremonies. She brought them to school where the whole class enjoyed them. I guess you could really call this “hands on” learning!
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