Oat Pancakes with Mulberry Sauce

I was inspired by Alice Water’s recipe to make my own Oat Pancakes with Mulberry Sauce. Yesterday I saw mulberries for the first time at our local farmer’s market. I was reminded of the mulberry bush we have in our front yard back in Minnesota. Flocks of birds would always manage to devour all the berries before we could pick them. So here was my chance to make something out of them! Since they’re not easy to find, at least around here, you can substitute them with blueberries or any other berry you like.

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Pumpkin Harvest Pancakes

These delicious pumpkin harvest pancakes are great for breakfast and are loaded with vitamins and protein. I used the “Andina flour” which is a mix of protein rich spelt, wholewheat and quinoa flours. If you can’t find this brand you could mix 60% all-purpose, 30 % spelt and about 10% quinoa flour. Or another good combination could be 1/2 all-purpose and 1/2 whole wheat flour. Anyway it’s the pumpkin puree that actually makes all the difference in this recipe imparting a special flavor and tenderness to this pancake. Continue reading

Healthy Blueberry Ricotta Hot Cakes

These healthy Blueberry Hot Cakes made with whole wheat flour and ricotta make them especially protein rich. A good stone ground flour also imparts a pleasant nutty taste. These hot cakes rise to greater thickness in comparison to traditional pancakes in that the batter is thicker and the final dash of apple cider vinegar gives them a boost in rising power. Continue reading

All Purpose Pancake and Waffle Mix in a Jar

A nice jar of All Purpose Pancake and Waffle Mix comes in handy when first thing in the morning you want a fresh batch of pancakes without too much fussing. Just add the egg and liquid and anything else you might fancy. The dry ingredients are premeasured, mixed and ready to go. You’ll just have to decide whether to make waffles or pancakes (or even a fruit crumble). Continue reading

Potato Latkes with Salmon

Recently we had these delicious crunchy potato latkes (pancakes) at the beautiful Liepkalni Bakery and restaurant, halfway between Riga and Rezekne on the banks of the beautiful Daugava river. The delicate marinated salmon and sour cream transformed these latkes into a complete and memorable meal. Truly scrumptious! Continue reading