Stove Top Scones

What makes these Stove Top Scones different is that you can bake them without the oven. They’re quicker to make, almost like pancakes.
These are wonderful for breakfast when you’ve run out of cereal or everything thing else. You can use other flours as well such as spelt flour or even substituting part of it with buckwheat. These little scones even make a great substitute for rolls or bread. They can be stuffed with practically any cold cuts or cheese too. Continue reading

Easy (no-knead, no-rise) Potato Bread

Several years ago while visiting the Reubens museum in Siegen, Germany I came across this delicious bread. You might wonder what has Reubens got to do with potato bread? Well, after seeing this amazing Baroque artist’s paintings we stopped at the museum’s coffee shop where they were serving other than the usual refreshments, buttered slices of this bread. Next to the serving dish were photocopies of the recipe! Later I had the recipe translated from German and here it is! If you make it, you’ll understand why people were asking for the recipe. Don’t forget the museum though, it’s really worth visiting. Continue reading

Sweet Sour Latvian Rye Bread with Janu Siers (Summer solstice cheese)

This is one of my favorite meals: delicious Latvian sourdough rye bread spread with butter and a few slabs of caraway seed speckled Janu cheese which in ancient Latvian culture symbolizes the sun. In fact it was made in conjunction with “Jani”, the celebration of the summer solstice (the longest day of the year, around the 24th of June) when the sun practically never sets. Continue reading