Monza New Year Star Cake

The Chocolate Clock at the “Duls de Sant Bioeus ” pastry shop in Via Volta, Monza is ticking away. Two minutes until the new year: 2019!! Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and peaceful New year!! Also a new cake has been created featuring the traditional ingredients of the “torta paesana” with a new twist. Continue reading

Raspberry Ricotta (Cheese) Cake

This Raspberry Ricotta (cheese) cake is a cake with a cheesecake texture¬†– that’s why I put “cheese” between parentheses. It could be both: a cake and at the same time a crustless cheesecake! You still have the rich taste of cheesecake without missing the calorie laden crust. The colourful raspberries add a boost of freshness and flavor too. Continue reading

Chocolate Banana Nut Cake

This chocolate banana nut cake is different from the usual banana cakes and breads in that you can actually taste and see the chunks of banana. A very moist and healthy chocolate cake – with all the healthy ingredients and less sugar it would be great for a special breakfast and all it needs is a light dusting of powdered sugar to top it off. Continue reading

Zucchini Lime Pistachio Loaf

This Zucchini Lime Pistachio Loaf can be easily turned into an egg-free version by using aquafaba. Naturally sweet zucchini makes this cake extra moist and full of healthy fiber while reducing a lot of the sugar used in most recipes. Pistachios and limes pair well in this loaf by adding extra crunch and tanginess. Healthy enough for an energising special breakfast. Continue reading

Karen’s Rhubarb Cake

Rhubarb (rabarbaro in Italian ) is a hard to find item around here until I came across “Res Naturae” ornamental flower growers who also cultivate organic rhubarb near Lecco. When they delivered (you can actually order them!) my beautifully wrapped rhubarb I couldn’t wait to try Karen’s Rhubarb cake, a long time favourite of my family back in Minnesota. We had a beautiful rhubarb patch in the back of our garden. When it was ripe (actually all through the summer and early fall) those heavy crisp stalks were quickly turned into cakes, crumbles and jams. Continue reading

Strawberry Jelly Roll

This jelly roll is just as easy as it is impressive. You can whip it up in no time and also not worry about excessive calories. Not too much sugar and flour either. Also it’s very versatile, you can fill it with just about anything: jams, whipped cream with fruit, lemon curd and even Nutella! A dusting of powdered sugar finishes it off perfectly. Continue reading