Norwegian Green Bean and Salmon Salad

This Norwegian Green Bean and Salmon Salad has been a long time family favorite. Full of protein and vegetables it can stand on its own as a one dish meal or it can be the star of a smorgasbord gathering. It’s also a snap to put together and tastes even better the next day. It looks pretty dressed up with sliced eggs with a bit of caviar on top or any other colourful vegetables. Great for picnics. Continue reading

Springtime Salmon Salad

Last Monday I saw an interesting cooking masterclass demonstration at the “Tempo dei Libri” event in Milan, one of the largest book fairs in Italy. There were editors from all over Italy and some even from the States. Of course I was drawn to the cookbook area which was full of every imaginable type of cookbook with the latest editions in print. The chef at the demonstration stressed that every recipe should dip from a palette of crunchiness, sweetness, sapidity, and a touch of acidity. The perfect mixture of these flavours can almost create a work of art if carefully assembled. Tasting this delicious salmon salad I could see (taste!) what he meant. Continue reading

Holiday Stuffed Comet Star

Our local bakery makes this wonderful Sicilian type bread in the form of a Comet Star (Stella Cometa) during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Instead of making the usual savory Panettone (Panettone Gastronomico) with its various layers, I prefer using instead the star of this bread as the base for three layers that are filled. The tail end of the comet can then be sliced to accompany the meal. Continue reading

Potato Latkes with Salmon

Recently we had these delicious crunchy potato latkes (pancakes) at the beautiful Liepkalni Bakery and restaurant, halfway between Riga and Rezekne on the banks of the beautiful Daugava river. The delicate marinated salmon and sour cream transformed these latkes into a complete and memorable meal. Truly scrumptious! Continue reading

Marinated Salmon Salad Plate

We had this delicious marinated salmon salad on a hot summer day in Riga, Latvia at the Muusu restaurant. It was simple but unforgettable in its freshness. This is a place we’ll come back to for sure next time we’re in Riga, right in the middle of the medieval Old Town. Continue reading

Fish Pie (Kulebyaka)

This salmon dish (Kulebyaka) is reputed to be one of the most difficult recipes to prepare. It was created by French chefs in imperial Russia for the Romanov family. Here I simplified it so anyone with a bit of cooking experience can prepare it. The basic ingredients are here, so the character of the dish is authentic. I used the great chef Auguste Escoffier’s “Le Guide Culinaire” (1903) as my guide. Some ingredients are practically impossible to find such as “vesiga” which is dried sturgeon’s marrow. I substituted it with finely chopped chinese rice noodles, similar in texture. Continue reading